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Chuck Rossi Moon River Wellness Center - Weightloss Coach
Chuck Rossi
Certified Weightloss and Health Coach
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Chuck & Eric Rossi
Weight Loss & Health Coaching

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Eric Rossi
Weightloss and Health Coach

weightloss & health coaching

Certified Health Coaching has helped hundreds of clients follow a doctor-developed program for weight loss and wellness. Our expertise lies in learning what clients want in a healthier lifestyle and their motivation to get there. We pair our coaching style with your needs and meet you where you are at, to assist you with weight loss and exercise. We also help you learn how to maintain that loss by developing healthy habits to create a lifestyle for years to come. Learn how our coachs and owners lost 40 lbs in 4 months and have kept it off for over 4 years.

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Chuck and Doe Before

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Chuck and Doe 2.5 months


Eric Before

Eric After

Chuck Rossi
Certified Weightloss and Health Coach
and Co-Owner of Moon River Wellness 
Eric Rossi 
Weightloss and Health Coach 

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