Yoga: The Practice For All Ages

Updated: May 11, 2021

Throughout time, yoga has been viewed as a practice for adults. In recent years however, young adults and teens have been turning to yoga for various reasons. Many people might not realize, but we get stressed too! My friends in their twenties and myself included, get stressed, anxious, restless, or even feel angst. More and more studies are being done on how practices of meditation and yoga can help soothe the mind and alleviate all of the angst within ourselves. Whether it’s a bad day at work, tasks/assignments are piling up, studying is taking a toll on you, etc., yoga is a wonderful way to take that much needed break.

Many young adults actually have this preconceived notion that they won’t be able to do yoga, or it’s too easy. They think it’s too challenging for them, it won’t help them, or it won’t be a great workout. When in reality, so many people use this form of exercise as their daily workout. The practice can be done in various levels of difficulty, and you can design it completely for YOU and your body. Another concern that young adults and others have is that they’re not flexible. Good news for you! After practicing regularly you’ll be more flexible than you probably ever were! You’ll truly be surprised by how your body changes. The strength and flexibility that you gain from the practice speaks for itself.

As a young adult, I cannot advocate enough for everyone to give yoga a try. The physical, mental, and emotional benefits from yoga are marvelous. Trying something new seems intimidating, but when we do it, we build up our confidence immensely. It’s intriguing to see so many young adults piquing an interest and giving it a try. Usually they’re shocked with how much they enjoy it!

A few young adults in the Pelham NH area that have given yoga a try at Moon River, had nothing but great things to say:

“I’ve never really been into yoga because I enjoy a faster-paced workout rather than slow and calming. Taking the power flow classes completely changed my mind about yoga and now I’m hooked. I can feel myself getting stronger after each class I take. Having so many options from relaxing classes to ones that are challenging is one of the reasons why I am loving it so much!” – Olivia, 21

“After being stuck at home for months during COVID-19 my body needed to get moving again. I never really thought of yoga as an actual workout, but I was SO wrong. After my first power yoga class I think I was sore for 3 days! Yoga is great for not only physical health, but your mental health, too. After every class I leave feeling more confident, healthy, and positive. MRWC couldn’t have opened at a better time!” – Angi, 21

“I was impressed by the engagement of my balance, core strength, and mental clarity that I’ve gained from yoga. Yoga is a great practice to get in touch with the mental and physical sides of a good workout.” – Kyle, 21

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