Massage Tips!

Here's a few helpful tips to ensure that your massage experience is the best that it can be!

  • If you are planning a workout, complete your exercise before your appointment. Your tired muscles will get the most out of your massage. Additionally, there is some risk with working out after a massage. Strenuous post-massage activity will strain the muscles you just relaxed and there is a chance you may injuring yourself.

  • No perfume or aftershave – Strong scents can be overwhelming. Part of your massage treatment may include essential oils and perfume and aftershave could compete with the soothing, healing effects.

  • Avoid eating a large meal 2-3 hours prior to your appointment. You don’t want to arrive for your appointment feeling bloated and uncomfortably full.

  • You want to avoid getting massage oil/cream on dress clothes. We recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing. We also recommend comfortable shoes that you can put on oily feet. Reduce the possibility of slipping in heels or dress shoes.

  • Shut off your phone or leave it in your car. Allow yourself this moment to completely unplug and focus on you.

  • Book your next massage BEFORE you leave the office. We always say we'll book it later when we have more time, but 3 maybe 4 months will go by and we are right back to square 1, feeling tired and sore.

Make yourself a priority with self care. Yes, you owe it to yourself and those around you who care about you.

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