Massage Therapy and PTSD

Today I wanted to talk about massage therapy, and the benefits it has for the symptoms of PTSD which is also known as Post traumatic stress disorder.

PTSD happens when a person experiences a traumatic event, such as car accidents, violence, assault, war, and the list go on. Whatever the situation may be that occurs, the most important thing about trauma is that the victim's sense of safety completely disappears in that moment.

As a result of that it can create a continual response subconsciously to smells, tastes, feelings, sounds, and sightings, where the brain sees those things as unsafe, and starts to send out signals to push adrenaline and other stress related hormones throughout the body in order to keep oneself safe long after the event happened.

The problem with this response our bodies have is that it creates chronic stress, and symptoms such as fatigue, pain, insomnia, depersonalization, dissociation, hypervigilance, hyperarousal, and strong feelings of guilt and shame.

It is said according to an organization dedicated to providing resources, and support for people who suffer with PTSD, "PTSD United," that an estimated 24.4 million people are suffering with this condition at any given moment in time. So, what does massage therapy do to help with this?

Massage therapy shows positive biochemistry changes. What does that mean? It means that it reduces cortisol (a stress hormone) and increases dopamine and serotonin levels (our happy hormones).

Massage therapy is also a great tool to help with grounding, and reconnecting with your body- especially if dissociation and depersonalization are symptoms that are present.

It helps to relieve pain and enhances relaxation as well. Massage therapists have a broad understanding of trauma, and what it can do the body, mind and soul. We encourage anyone who has dealt with trauma to bring up any concerns before, during, and after your session. (And no, we don't just say this, we wholeheartedly mean that.)

Working with your massage therapist can also help create a safe and supportive environment where you feel more in control, because well, you are.

If you would like to book an appointment, visit our website where we have an online booking system, or give us a call today!

As always be well my friends,

Jessica (603) 635-8938

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