Eternally grateful for all of our members and this community

We might sound like a broken record at times, but the members of our Moon River community are nothing but amazing. The kind words leave us speechless! It constantly reminds us of exactly why we created this space. A special thank you to one of our yoga members Devi for sharing her positive experience with us:

"As a resident of Pelham, I watched in breathless anticipation as Moon River Wellness Center established itself next door to me. I was not disappointed! This beautiful clean facility offers a diversity of healing offerings that are nourishing, educational, and uplifting! It is truly an asset to the community!

Moon River offers extraordinary yoga education appropriate for all ages with a wide variety of exceptionally gifted instructors, delectable massage and healing modalities utilizing ancient spiritual teachings united with cutting-edge science. If you need a last-minute gift or are looking for a charming health support of crystals, tinctures, candles or cards, Moon River offers a tasteful gift shop where their patient employees offer you lots and lots of support!

I would encourage everyone young or old to give it a try and feel the difference. I think no matter what shape you are in; you have everything to gain in fun, fitness and health and what do you have to lose but your pain and stress?"

~Devi D.

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