Moon River Wellness Center, Pelham, NH

Welcome to Moon River Wellness Center

Moon River Wellness Center combines the inspiration and creativity of three professionals who believe wellness should be at the center of our lives. A place where community can gather safely and harmoniously to discover all that wellness is.

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MRWC, Yoga, Massage, Wellness Shop; Moon River Wellness Center, Pelham, NH
Massage, Yoga, Wellness Shop; Moon River Wellness Center Declared best of New NH by New Hampshire Magazine

Moon River Wellness Center Offers 


Come, discover and enhance your own style of wellness.

Here we Grow!!

  •  Yoga

  •  Massage Therapy

  •  Herbs, Crystals & Gifts

  • Reiki

  • Energy Healing

  • Weight Loss Coaching 

moon River Wellness Center, Pelham, NH
Moon River Wellness Center, Pelham NH

Why do Certain Ideas, Dreams,
or Life's Work Enter Into Our Consciousness and Stay with
Us Until We
Can Manifest
It Into Reality?  

That is the story of Moon River.  Starting our alternative healing methods in the early 1990s; we knew first hand that we had discovered something special and powerful for doing healing work. 

Our vision took hold in 1995 with a business plan on what a healing center would be like. Fast forward 25 years and a Yoga, Massage and Wellness studio are now in the center of our community of Pelham, NH.

Now we share our dream with our community, at this most pivotal time in our history; where our health and wellness are being challenged each day by a pandemic. People want to feel safe and well and are taking steps toward becoming their best self with the self care offered at Moon River. 

We continue to attract like-minded healers, therapists, practitioners, wellness professionals and spiritual teachers into a community of amazing people who, like us, have made their wellness a top priority in these challenging times.

Visit us for any of these services to start or continue your wellness journey: yoga, massage, wellness, alternative healing, energy work, Reiki, Craniosacral, Qigong, weight loss and health coaching and intuitive readings.

Yoga, Moon River Wellness Center, Pelham, NH


  • Practice on radiant heated floors

  • Experienced instructors to guide you, step by step

  • Variety of class offerings

  • Beginners welcomed at every class

  • Watch for our first timer workshops

  • Feel confident in your abilities

  • Live Stream Classes

Massage, Moon River Wellness Center, Pelham, NH


  • Experienced, educated and licensed therapists.

  • Rooms designed for your comfort, safety and sense of well-being.

  • We will work with your doctors, PTs or chiropractors to be an integral part of your health team.

  • First floor access.

  • Online scheduling available for your convenience.

Reflexology at Moon River Wellness Center, Pelham, NH


  • Reflexology relaxes, repairs, restores, and revitalizes. It is a powerful preventative therapy providing an extremely relaxed, positive, recharged experience.
    Benefits may include:

  • Improved Circulation.

  • Stress Reduction.

  • Balances the nervous system.

  • Promotes Balance. 

  • Beneficial for Managing Pain

  • Helps managing blood pressure.

Wellness Shop, Wellness Events at Moon River Wellness Center, Pelham, NH


  • Health and wellness coaching 

  • Energy and Reiki 

  • Craniosacral Treatment

  • Intuitive Readings

  • Herbal consultations

  • Herbs and extracts for purchase from ethical and sustainable growers.

  • Check out our Wellness Partners and what they can offer you!

MRWC Gift Card, Moon River Wellness Center, Pelham, NH

Moon River Gift Certificates!

Moon River gift certificates are the perfect gift for everyone and we mean EVERYONE!

What exactly can a gift certificate be used for you ask?

Yoga classes, massages, the store, and even some of our wellness partners are accepting them! Who wouldn’t want the gift of relaxation and self-care?

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" If using a Gift Card to purchase a session, please call the center at 603-635-8938 to book your appointment, unless your gift card was purchased online."

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Moon River Wellness Center, Pelham, NH

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Moon River Wellness Center, Pelham, NH